Play as Sister Maria as she tries to reclaim her convent from demons! This game is not finished, but it is playable!


  1. Try playing it full-screened! It looks much prettier that way!
  2. You can talk to all the nuns by facing them and pressing Z. When their word bubble goes away, they're all out of things to say!
  3. There's a rare bug where if you try to go down the first flight of stairs, you will fall into oblivion. If that happens, sorry! Refresh the game and odds are it won't happen again.

  • All sound effects made by my face
  • Free Music by Scott Holmes


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i've been meaning to comment on your game for sooo long, but oh man, it's so cute and SO CHARMING. the art style and colors are really fun and i love the detail you put into the backgrounds; the plants are all adorable and the objects in every room make the convent feel so lively. the gameplay itself is also neat and straightforward! great job!! c:

Interesting concept. ^_^

INCREDIBLY CUTE! i loved the thinking out side of the box part with satan :D

Cute as hell, loved all the sound effects!

this is great! i love all the sound effects from your face